Friday, March 21, 2014

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man™ Drone [REVIEW]

I picked up a LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man™ Drone polybag last week together with the Star Wars Microfighters which I have posted up on Instagram.

This set Includes Iron Man minifigure and drone featuring dual circular saws and flick missile. The drone measures over 1" (2cm) long and 2" (5cm) wide. I am quite sure that most of you would be more interested to buy this for the Iron Man minifig instead of the drone.

The Iron Man minifig comes with round bricks and round plates to show hot fumes coming out from his suit when he's flying. The only thing which they left out in the instruction is that you need to turn his hands the other way round to insert the round plates.

Here's the back part of the Iron Man. The print job for front and back was pretty good I must say.

Lifting the Iron Man mask upward revealing the face of Tony Stark.

3 extra pieces of Lego from this set. 2 round plates and an antenna. It takes about 4 minutes to finish assembling this set (can be sooner). Nothing much to say about the drone but it could not stay balance without any support due to the rounded base under it.

So what do you think? Do you own this set or planning to get one soon? Let me know in the comment section below.

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man™ Drone
Year: 2013
Theme: Marvel Super Heroes 
LEGO® Number: 30167
Pieces: 27 (extra 3pcs)
US Selling Price: $4.99

For more info about this set, head on to

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